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Shri Deepak Jain

Shri Deepak K. Jain, aged 41, is the Chief Promoter and Director of Jaipur Centre Developers Pvt. Ltd. He belongs to an illustrious business family, who has established a name for itself by successfully setting up a Diamond Export Company - Rishabh Diamond Pvt. Ltd., having its branch offices at Hong Kong and Dubai. A firm believer and follower of his own ethics, values, crafts and principles; he moves selectively and meticulously on pre-fixed, present, well-planned and defined path ensuring 100% achievement. If business is characterized and necessitated by Knowledge, Temper and Time (KTT), Shri Deepak Jain was born with an in-built KTT. Encouraged by rapid progress & growth and zeal for prospects, he tested his skills as a builder and developer. After the successful completion of Residential Project at Boisar, Bhayander in Mumbai, he shifted his attention to Jaipur, Rajasthan, where the ancestral roots are grafted. He has mastery over the Time Management System. He is far away from fancy & frills. Simplicity is beauty to him. He has an eagle sight and a knife-edge sharpness of mind.


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